The Irish Association of Social Care Workers

(Established 1972)

As a professional representative body the IASCW seeks to establish and maintain principles of best practice to enable its members to deliver the highest standard of care to its service users. A national Executive, representative of special interests within the social care field, meets ten times a year or as necessary.
Membership of the IASCW is open to those who hold a National Diploma/Degree in Applied Social Studies/Social Care or its equivalent, as determined by the national Executive. Student and Associate membership is also available.
The IASCW derives its name from a change made in 2004 when the letter “S” for Social was introduced into the then title IACW (Irish Association of Care Workers).   The latter title replaced AWCC (Association of Workers with Children in Care) in the 1980s as a result of managers and child care workers in residential care going their separate ways. The AWCC was made up mainly of religious in those early years. With dwindling numbers of religious and services developing at residential and community level, the association gradually saw an increase of lay people taking up membership and that is very much reflected today.

The above shows that the association has changed with changing times and membership today is made up of social care workers from the special needs sector, children detention schools, HSE residential centres, intellectual disabilities and the voluntary and private sector

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